Regardless of program. Regardless of the initiatives. Regardless of any action taken we rest on our ideals, our visions, and anything else that’ speaks of inspiration. Because, it is this initial impulse which leads to all others and which leads to our programs and events. In short without our creative abilities we would be nothing at all. It’s in our visions where we take distinctive actions.

Today we took part in a local street fair put on by the recreation department of Amsterdam, New York. It was done well and our participation was done well, coming as it was after months of planning and dreaming. But it was precisely this imaging that did such marvelous things for us. So, we celebrate your inspiration as we hope you celebrate ours.

Our mission is to bring more and varied arts programs to our local communities, and after slow, steady growth we are poised to provide programs that fulfill our Mission and Vision statements and also meet the needs of artists of all kinds in our region. We look forward to helping as many people as we can with their artistic inspirations and expressions.

Stay tuned for more.

Photo by Judith Prest

Most sincerely,

We are Foothills Arts Council, Inc., a non-profit 501C3, formed to promote the arts and produce arts programs in the greater Fulton- Montgomery county area. Art can improve health and well-being. We believe art should be accessible to everyone and we are developing programs with a fresh perspective, on a grass roots level, to inspire our community. Our board and membership is comprised of Fulton-Montgomery and Schenectady County residents, from artists to business people, from youth to retirees. Please consider supporting this worthwhile community endeavor with your kind donation. We appreciate your consideration to help make this vision a reality. Thank you.

Jay Towne, President, Foothills Arts Council, Inc.